• Magento goes hand in glove with HTML5 for Mobiles

    • October 12th 2012

    What HTML5 has done to the industry is nothing short of remarkable. And though it hasn’t come into its full swing till now, the open source conglomerates and many other applications’ providers are already taking the HTML5 route. Right after … Read more

  • Magento CMS for better mobile shopping experience from HTML5

    • September 28th 2012

    Mobiles, Smartphones and other handheld devices are the latest in providing communications, commercial transactions and marketing methods. The viewing for a mobile user is easier due to a smaller screen and simpler display. Mobile phones can now offer to render … Read more

  • How far does Drupal support HTML5?

    • September 18th 2012

    With a constant evolution in the field of web technology, it hasn’t just become difficult but challenging for the web developers to keep up with the latest trends. But, with the advent of HTML5 technology, it is seen that more … Read more

  • Magento Go Templates for Elegant and Inviting eStores

    • September 18th 2012

    If you are an entrepreneur and wants to boost your online business by attracting the maximum number of your target consumers, then it is essential at the outset to get a well designed and eye-catching design, using attractive contents, colors … Read more

  • Magento adapts HTML5 functionality for mobile Commerce

    • September 11th 2012

    Magento, the leading open source eCommerce platform provider has released certain HTML5 enhanced elements for its paid Enterprise 1.12 edition and free Community 1.7 edition.  According to the General Manager of Magento, Roy Rubin,who also functions as the chief Product … Read more

  • Drupal 8 Advocates Responsive Design

    • September 5th 2012

    No doubt, with the growing trend of mobile web users, the need for responsive web design has been in high demand. A mobile friendly website that adapts itself with the screen resolution of a mobile device and is crafted using … Read more

  • Google’s Android OS vs. Apple’s iOS

    • August 29th 2012

    Android and Apple iOS are both operating system, developed for tablet, smart phones and pad by Google and Apple respectively. These operating systems are widely used for various online business purposes. Many features like multiplatform applications, ability to multitask, security, … Read more

  • Why Android is used for mobile device?

    • August 23rd 2012

    Android is an operating system from Google which is used in various mobile devices to provide advanced and customized features so that online business can reach maximum number of users. It is free, affordable, secure, personalized with multimedia applications. There … Read more

  • Tips to keep a Joomla site secure

    • August 23rd 2012

    Website design is the main feature of any website that drives traffic for online business at first look. There are number of website design companies available on internet, but by doing well research work and observing rich experience, quality work … Read more

  • 10 twitter tools for better blogging

    • August 18th 2012

    Twitter as a social networking tool and micro blogging site has become popular world over. There are a number of tools and applications that can be added to twitter for increasing functions and developing the marketing of blog. These tools … Read more

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